Hello world!

Hello foodies, amateur chefs, lifelong culinarians, or anyone that’s hungry,

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences in the food world. Although I’m not a chef and I never went to culinary school, I do love to eat and love to cook. One of my favorite activities is to try and recreate restaurants dishes at home, but with my own spin. I’ll play around with the flavor combinations, the protein, the ingredients, and come up with something that shares similarities, but it uniquely my own. In this blog, I’ll post my review of restaurants that I eat at, and then later in the week, I’ll post a recipe for a dish inspired by what I’ve eaten. Plus, I’ll also try to share some of my favorite recipes along with a story of how they came to be or what the inspiration was for the origin of that dish. So, I hope you join me for the tasty food ride. Buckle Up, and Bon Appétit! Jonathan chef